Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Party Time" Is in The Air

It's "Rita Season"!

No matter where you are located, I'm sure that you felt it recently ... trees blooming, a couple of warm days, you or your neighbor grilling out on the deck. Yep, it's "Rita Season"

Why Margaritas?

One of the most popular drinks among friends. With it's sweet taste from the mix coupled with the little afterburn of a good tequilla, mixed with a little salt on the rim, make it one of the finest concoctions every made ... in the arean of mixed drinks.

Make sure when you have your Margarita Festia, that you have the right Margarita Machine and Margarita Accessories.

"Party On" my friends.

Check out the Jimmy Buffett Margarita Machine and Cool Accessories


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